"Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.” Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) as quoted in the NYTIMES.
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    In a speech to the Hampton University Annual Ministers' Conference, Sen. Obama used 4,233 words. He used the name God 18 times. He used the name Christ 7 times. He used "I" 61 times.

Paris free; we’re NOT

Posted by blogtaskforce on June 26, 2007

(TUESDAY JUNE 26, 2007) Since I was up to post Lugar, I should post this. Since not many people were awake for it. I was. Paris got out of jail. Even though they made a stink about passing on the Paris post-jail interview, the nets didn’t feel too whorish in hyping up her release. When the news broke, here’s how the nets did it on the net:

ABC News — Breaking news banner

BBC News — second tier top story; small pic

CNN — Top Story; pic

CBS NEWS — Top Story; pic

FOX News — Top Story; pic

MSNBC, NBC — Top Story; pic

I say this for all humanity: F*ck Paris (just wear a rubber, cause everyone else already has).


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DICK gits’r done: the GOP’s come to JESUS

Posted by blogtaskforce on June 26, 2007

(MONDAY JUNE 25, 2007) This is big enough to get me on here during the week. CNN really broke this story and I think it’s going to be a big one when it flushes out in the new news cycle. Sen. Richard Lugar, a republican in the truest sense of the word, wants the president to stop being a tard in the corner with his thumbs in his ears, singing “Row Your Boat” because mommy and daddy want him to clean his room. Just clean the damn room Dick says.

His points are so great because they are so simple and true that everyone of us must agree he’s a learned man with an excellent, relevant point with which we should more than ponder.

Senator Lugar basically says to Bush: Look, we’re not calling you names, we know you are not a dumb hick. We know you had the best of intentions. We know you want what’s best for the country, our troops, and the Iraqi people. Show us you do. Stop being stubborn and just sit down with some reasonable people and come to a reasonable agreement with a real chance to save this mess.

You should read the whole thing. But if you don’t have time, know this man just offered up what WILL BE the turning point in this war. Rush may try to ruin it, but my guess is, he won’t have a cigar to smoke to blow enough smoke up your ass to get you to think Lugar’s a loser.

Senator Richard Lugar, you may have just saved this country. Thank you.

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dem’s a plan ‘dere!

Posted by blogtaskforce on June 24, 2007

You all got pissed at the democratic leadership in congress for giving in to Bush on the money for Iraq deal. Well, it was all part of the plan. I knew it. They knew it. You should’ve known it. Now you know it.

“The White House should keep in mind that if they have a direct confrontation with House Republicans on [immigration], it could affect the vote on the Iraq appropriation in September,” said Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican. — WASHINGTON TIMES 6/24/07

In a sense, there’s no sense helping Bush fall on his face. He’s going to so the dems might as well not go down with him.

So the dems do their thing, posture, debate, talk-show-it, let everyone know they think the exact opposite… then they give in. This way, everyone knows where they stand and one year later they get to say, “Told you so. Listen to me now bitch.”

Same thing will happen with this immigration deal. Bush is being used by the democratic congress like one of those landmine-testing chimps. Only the chimps were smarter.

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Posted by blogtaskforce on June 24, 2007

(SUNDAY JUNE 24, 2007) So there’s a prime example, going on right now, of how messed up our present problem is (and by problem I mean our dabblings in the middle east. pick a country. pick a region. pick a politician in office right now. that’s our mess.) It’s a BBC journalist kidnapped.

GAZA (Reuters) – Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said on Sunday that the kidnappers of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston have made a new video of the abducted journalist wearing what appeared to be explosives around his waist.

There’s something sick and sad about a person or group forced to use such vile and unimaginable to us, imaginabile to them, methods. Ulike our president I don’t pretend to ignore the impression we leave on others and the rage we’ve created. We’re not horrible human beings, but we (our leaders) did some not good stuff (and we didn’t really kick and scream about it). SO now we have a rather large mess. And we’d be well advised to read these types of stories closely. Pay attention to the hostage taker’s story, not the one being tortured. As hard as that is, that is exactly the solution.

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got a license for THAT?

Posted by blogtaskforce on June 24, 2007

(SUNDAY JUNE 24, 2007) When you want to wear a pair of jeans, you don’t need a license to wear those jeans. I prefer GAP jeans (I’m just an average USer). In Scotland they wear kilts like jeans and they soon may need a license to do it. Only because you can’t wear a kilt without a sporran (that’s the satchel in the front to hold the junk pockets would since kilts don’t have pockets). Most sporrans are made with some sort of fur and the govment wants people with exoctic furs (which sporrans are oft made of) to have a license to hold.

Kilt wearers could face prosecution if they do not have a licence for their sporran under new legislation which has been introduced in Scotland.


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Hilton on King: can’t wait

Posted by blogtaskforce on June 24, 2007

(SUNDAY JUNE 24, 2007) So all the tv net’s said no to a sit down with soon to be released Paris Hilton. So the 98 year old corpse on CNN known as Larry King gets her. Even Larry’s relevance is wearing off. If this candy-coated news were worth broadcasting, the nets would have snatched it up like a crackhead at a bologna shop (that’s a “what’s up” to Last Comic Standing. I love that show and the crackhead and bologna joke was great!). But the nets passed, which mean Paris’ spotlight is so dim that not even a tard on medication to make him less tarded would even want to sit down and chat with the woman. Let’s hope she found Jesus. Or at least a lezbo in lock-up named Jesus.

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Posted by blogtaskforce on June 24, 2007

(SUNDAY JUNE 24, 2007) Last week he claimed an insider at the NYT told him there was an expose on Rupert Murdoch being rushed. Well I scanned my NYT and nothing. Maybe I should start a page for all the times he’s wrong. No one else does, but everyone pays attention to his site. “Humans are inherently hypocritical”.

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Libby the Liar gets PRISON

Posted by blogtaskforce on June 5, 2007

Libby the liar, a.k.a VP Cheney’s ex-right-hand man — will spend 30 months in the slamma. Unfortunately for him, different cell than paris, but maybe we can work something out with bubba. A jury agreed he lied to federal investigators, even though the new media declared it a witch hunt worthy of condemnation. Even if it was, it’ll be nice to see one of these bush admin idiots serve some time. The more of them in jail the better.

Can’t wait for his booking photo!


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Prague to Bush: Go Home

Posted by blogtaskforce on June 5, 2007

“…when Mr Bush arrived last night he was greeted not as a defender of the former Warsaw Pact nations but by protesters resistant to America’s military expansion.” — London Daily Telegraph


Seems Putin’s complaining about the aggressive american military machine is catching some wind in the ears of some europeans. But hey, it’s not like bush’s ever squandered the good will we have with the rest of the world. He’s allowed one shot at it.


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The NEW Slick Willy

Posted by blogtaskforce on June 4, 2007


So now the south has it’s newest Slick Willy, although I’m sure there are a few more out there. Baby faced Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) was indicted on asking for bribes, racketeering, and cash laundering. He’s the sweet guy who stashed thousands in his fridge. This is Sean Hannity’s Christmas!

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